I’m glad to play with two very able and modest guitarists, Gianni Ghiradini and Rolando Biscuola

We play a good selected program of rear heard songs and self-composed songs by Gianni and Rolando.

Listen to the teaser and get a musical impression​
  1. Teaser mebo various 4:04


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Some News

TODAY: mebo @ Ahoi | 12:30

Hi people, I have the pleasure of playing with the group mebo in the beautiful beer garden of the mini golf course on the Talferpromenade 😊.Possible bad weather will not keep us away, as everything is covered. But September is

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TODAY: mebo @ Valzurg | 20:00

Hi people, my niece Katharina invited me to a summer concert under the vine arbour with the group mebo. I am happy to accept this invitation 😊Possible bad weather will not keep us away, as we can move into the

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TODAY: mebo @ Temple Bar | 18:00

Hi people, Temple Bar celebrates the Arthur Guinness Fest and mebo plays the music. See you there for a guinness or two 😊 Where: Temple Bar, P.zza Domenicani, BozenWhen: 18:00 For more information click here

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mebo @ Radio Freier Fall

Hi people, yesterday in the show „Radio Freier Fall“ by Reinhold Giovanett and Roland Leitner a song by mebo was played in the category „Ungehörtes„. Here is the excerpt of the show. Thanks to Reinhold and Roland for their attention.

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