A list of the musicians I play or played with

Abhirup Roy, India

Albert Pardeller, Bolzano

  • my dear brother
  • hard but fair guitarist

Alex Werth, Cornaiano (BZ)

Alex Werth

Alois Pirone, S. Paolo (BZ)

Alois Pirone

Andrea Lenz, Munich

Andrea Polato, Bolzano

Andrea Polato

Andreas ‚Rufus‘ Geier, Laives (BZ)
Andreas Geier

Andreas Marinello, Bolzano/Berlin

Andreas Marinello

Andreas ‚doando‘ Marmsoler, Bolzano
Andreas Marmsoler

Anni Pasqualotto, Laives (BZ)

Anni Pasqualotto

Barbara Trenti (Geena B. Valentine), Laives (BZ)
Barbara Trenti

Benno Simma, Bolzano

Benno Simma

Birgitt Binder, Munich

Carmen Schullo, Nalles (BZ)

  • young!
  • great voice and piano player

Chiara Zammarchi, Cornaiano (BZ)

chiara zammarchi

  • clear voice with a special sound

Christian Ebnicher, Lana (BZ)

christian ebnicher

Cristiano Giongo, Bolzano

Cristiano Giongo

  • creative bass and guitar player
  • Projects: Upload

Dagmar Kratzer, Munich

  • crazy and simpatico accordeon and piano player
  • Projects: Isarschixn

Eamon Dempsey, Dublin

Emanual Valentin, Bolzano
Emanuel Valentin

Enrico Gabrielli
Enrico Gabrielli

Felice Bruni, Bolzano

Franz Schullo, Nalles (BZ)

  • Absolutely versatile and reliable guitarist

Frenki Stofner, Sarentino (BZ)

Frenki Stofner

Gerhard Martini, Terlano (BZ)

  • A very original and authentic electronic musician alias Mr. Coon
  • facebook profile

Georg Lang, Bolzano

georg lang

  • playing creatively with the most extravagant percussions and great drummer
  • Projects: Eseleptitun

Georg Malfertheiner, Ortisei (BZ)

Georg Malfertheiner

Gianni Ghirardini, Bolzano

Gianni Ghirardini

Giorgia Bracchi, Bressanone (BZ)

Giorgia Bracchi

Giovanni Chirichella, New York
Giovanni Chirichella

  • Innovative and creative piano player
  • facebook profile
  • Projects: Sottosuono

Günther Nogler, Bolzano

guenther nogler

Hans Tutzer, Bolzano

Hans Tutzer

Hannes Mock, Cornaiano (BZ)

Hannes Mock

Iose Russo, Bressanone (BZ)

Iose Russo

  • plays percussions far beyond mainstream
  • Projects: Zero+, Upload

Ivo Ponticello, Bolzano

ivo ponticello

Jack Alemanno, Vipiteno (BZ)
Jack Alemanno

  • the most popular drummer in South Tyrol

Julian Burchia, Bolzano

julian burchia

Jürgen Grözinger, Berlin

Jürgen Winkler, Bolzano

juergen winkler

Laslo Gottardi, Laives (BZ)

Laslo Gottardi

Loreno Ferrarese, Bolzano

Lorenz Masè, Bolzano/Berlin

Lorenz Masè

Lukas Abram, Bolzano

  • one of the craziest sax and accordeon player i know
  • facebook profile
  • Projects: MidiTrööt

Magdalena Bauhofer, Bolzano/Innsbruck


Marco dalle Luche, Bolzano

Marco Stagni, Bolzano

Marco Stagni

Mario Frezzato, Rovigo

mario frezzato

Markus ‚Doggi‘ Dorfmann, Bressanone (BZ)

markus dorfmann

Martin Silbernagl, Bolzano

Matteo Cuzzolin, Bolzano

Matteo Cuzzolin

Maura Bruschetti, Bolzano

maura bruschetti

Maurizio Quartana, Appiano (BZ)

maurizio quartana

Max Castlunger, Settequerce (BZ)
max castlunger

Michela Marinello, Bolzano

Michela Marinello

Michele Rossi, Bolzano

michele rossi

Monica Callegaro, Bolzano

Monica Callegaro

Nick Barbolini, Bolzano

  • absolut crazy and creative drummer and percussionist
  • facebook profile
  • Projects: MidiTrööt

Paolo Bergamaschi, Bolzano

Paolo Bergamaschi

Pitano Perra, Maracalagonis (CA)
Pitano Perra

Roberto Tubaro, Bolzano

Roberto Tubaro

Rolando Biscuola, Merano (BZ)

Rolando Biscuola

Sabine Schubart, Munich

  • crazy and simpatico double bass player
  • Projects: Isarschixn

Sandra Giura Longo, Paris
Sandra Giura Longo

Simon Wellenzohn, Bolzano

Simon Wellenzohn

  • architect on trumpet
  • Projects: Upload

Thomas Pichler, Bolzano

Thomas Pichler

Uli Seppi, Caldaro (BZ)

Uli Seppi

Ulrike ‚Ulli‘ Oberwanger, Nalles (BZ)

  • Versatile entertainer with a good voice
  • Rocks the stage