Collaborations with other artists

Always i searched and already i search the collaboration with other creative people, joining different languages to new artworks.

Here a list of the most recent results​


Video production from Elmar Albertini (Audiowerkstatt). He used exclusively music from sonus toma and my own for the scoring. Enjoy the media! (Best listening experience with headphones)

TODAY: the „standArt & poors social club“ proudly presents…

Geena B. & the Bad Boys Company Geena B. & the Bad Boys Company  

In Ferner Nähe

In collaboration with the artist Luis Seiwald i created this composition to be a inspiration for him and so he has painted a specifically cover art. The work is distributed through all commercial channels like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and so


„Raumboden“ is one of tree productions composed by sonus toma for the Museum of Natural Science of Bolzano and performed live. The artist Luis Seiwald was inspired by this composition and has painted a specifically cover art. This was for