TODAY: Interview with Manny Pardeller about Kolzano @ RAI RADIO 1 per il Trentino Alto Adige | 12:25

Hi people,

a few weeks ago I gave an interview for the show „La musica che gira intorno“ with Monica Callegaro and Luca Sticcotti. This one’s airing today.

If you miss the interview, you can listen to it as a podcast at

Where: Rai Radio 1 per il TAA
When: 12:45

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My Telegram Channel

Ich benutze Telegram immer häufiger und bin von der Einfachheit und Funktionsvielfalt dieses russischen Chat-Dienstes überzeugt. Deshalb lade ich euch ein, meinen Kanal auf zu abonnieren.

Uso sempre più spesso Telegram e sono convinto della semplicità e della funzionalità di questo servizio di chat russo. Vi invito pertanto ad abbonarvi al mio canale su

I use Telegram more and more often and I am convinced of the simplicity and functionality of this Russian chat service. Therefore I invite you to subscribe to my channel on

Bleibt gesund – rimanete in salute – stays healthy!

TIPP-TODAY: Why Not Now @ Sudwerk | 20:30

Hi people,

You don’t get to hear high-quality electronica often in our latitudes, especially not if they are supported by a versatile drummer. Gerhard Martini (aka Mr. Coon) and Georg Maria Lang present in their new formation „Why Not Now“ the result of their fresh collaboration. Rating: Very recommendable!

Where: Batzenhäusl, Sudwerk, Bolzano
When: 20:30

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TIPP-TODAY: Laura Benaglia Nones & Georg Lang @ Galleria L’angolo | 19:00

Hi people,

my dear friend Georg Lang will premiere a specially created composition at the opening of the exhibition.

Where: Galleria L’Angolo, Fagenstraße 30, BZ
When: 19:00

TODAY: Kolzano @ Stanglerhof | 21:00

Hi people,

this evening we will present live the EP „Black Sea“ of the international formation „Kolzano“ with Abhirup Roy (Tabla), Max Castlunger (percussion), Andrea Polato (drums), Marco Stagni (bass, today represented by Stefano Colpi), Marco Dalle Luche (piano) and me (electronics).
Who would like can come already at 19:00 clock and enjoy the delicious buffet of Heiner.

Where: Stanglerhof, Fiè
When: 21:00 (buffet at 19:00)

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TODAY: Eamon & Friends @ 13 years Temple Bar | 19:00

Hi people,

Temple Bar celebrates its 13th birthday and Eamon Dempsey alias Momár comes from Ireland to celebrate it musically. And I have the pleasure and honor to support him.
So come in numerous and drink a Guinness – or two – to the health of our favourite pub.

Where: Temple Bar, Piazza Domenicani, Bolzano
When: 19:00

TODAY: mebo @ Riesling Days Naturno | 20:00

Hi people,

also this year I can give my musical contribution with mebo within the context of the Riesling Days.

Where: Tennis Camp, Gustav Flora Straße 29, Naturno
When: 20:00

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TIPP-TODAY: Poesie & Percussion @ Stadtbibliothek Meran | 20:00


mein lieber Freund und Musikerkollege Georg Maria Lang spielt mit Marianne Ilmer Ebnicher einen besonderen Abend, indem er seine Perkussionskünste mit der Poesie von Marianne kombiniert.

Wo: Stadtbibliothek Meran, Rennweg 1
Wann: 20:00 Uhr

Klicke hier für den Flyer mit allen Informationen

TODAY: eseleptitun @ Ost West | 21:00

Hi people,

the Ost West Club has invited eseleptitun to play their program to the best. We gladly accept this invitation 😊

Where: Ost West Club, Merano (position)
When: 21:00

For more information click here

TIPP-TODAY: Mini-Reunion-Jam @ Piccola Galeria| 17:30

Nach 25 Jahren treffen sich Daniele Ravagnani, Georg Lang und Luca Sticcotti, um in einer kurzen „ethnischen“ Jamsession im Rahmen der Finissage der Ausstellung von Aquarellen „instants of light“ zusammen zu spielen.

Dopo 25 anni Daniele Ravagnani, Georg Lang e Luca Sticcotti tornano a suonare insieme in una breve jam session „etnica“ nell’ambito dell’ultima giornata di apertura della mostra di acquerelli „instants of light“.

Where: Kleine Galerie, Bolzano
When: 17:30