TIPP-TODAY: Poesie & Percussion @ Stadtbibliothek Meran | 20:00


mein lieber Freund und Musikerkollege Georg Maria Lang spielt mit Marianne Ilmer Ebnicher einen besonderen Abend, indem er seine Perkussionskünste mit der Poesie von Marianne kombiniert.

Wo: Stadtbibliothek Meran, Rennweg 1
Wann: 20:00 Uhr

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TODAY: eseleptitun @ Ost West | 21:00

Hi people,

the Ost West Club has invited eseleptitun to play their program to the best. We gladly accept this invitation 😊

Where: Ost West Club, Merano (position)
When: 21:00

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TIPP-TODAY: Mini-Reunion-Jam @ Piccola Galeria| 17:30

Nach 25 Jahren treffen sich Daniele Ravagnani, Georg Lang und Luca Sticcotti, um in einer kurzen „ethnischen“ Jamsession im Rahmen der Finissage der Ausstellung von Aquarellen „instants of light“ zusammen zu spielen.

Dopo 25 anni Daniele Ravagnani, Georg Lang e Luca Sticcotti tornano a suonare insieme in una breve jam session „etnica“ nell’ambito dell’ultima giornata di apertura della mostra di acquerelli „instants of light“.

Where: Kleine Galerie, Bolzano
When: 17:30

TODAY: mebo @ Temple Bar | 18:00

Hi people,

Temple Bar celebrates the Arthur Guinness Fest and mebo plays the music. See you there for a guinness or two 😊

Where: Temple Bar, P.zza Domenicani, Bozen
When: 18:00

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TODAY: mebo @ Radio Freier Fall | 21.35 ca.

Hi people,

during the radio show „Radio Freier Fall“ by Reinhold Giovanett and Roland Leitner you can listen to a song by mebo in the category „Ungehörtes„. Of course, the rest of the show from 19:40 is definitely worth listening to.

Where: RAI Südtirol
When: 21.35 ca.

TODAY: Carmen & friends @ Bar Vecchia Bolzano | 19:00

Hi people,

I have the pleasure to play a nice cover program with a young artist and her father. Let’s aperimusic!

Where: Bar Vecchia Bolzano
When: 19:00

TODAY: eseleptitun @ intervallo | 20:00

Hi people,

In the context of the exhibition „Intervallo“ by Heinz Mader eseleptitun will give his program to the best.

Where: Kunstforum Unterland, Egna
When: 20:00

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TIPP-TODAY: Mikulec & Pardeller @ Stanglerhof | 19:00

Hi people,

my cousin and guitarist Ossy Pardeller gives one of his rare concerts in South Tyrol. Even though I can’t come personally I would like to recommend this concert to you.

Where: https://www.stanglerhof.bz.it
When: 19:00 (buffet), 20:30 (concert)

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TODAY: Eamon & Friends @ Temple Bar (BZ) | 19:30

Hi people,

my friend and musician Eamon from Dublin is visiting and giving an Irish concert in honour of St. Patrick. I have the pleasure to accompany him and his friends.

Where: Irish Pub Temple Bar, P.zza Domenica, BZ
When: 19:30

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TODAY: Rumbailó @ LILT | 17:30

Hi people,

support a charitable association is important. Therefore I play together with Maurizio Quartana, Loreno Ferrarese and Ivana Zanini as Rumbailó for LILT a benefit concert.

Where: LILT-Stand, P.zza della mostra, Bolzano
When: 17:30