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Carmen Sofia Sciullo

Carmen – Track by Track

Carmen Sofia Sciullo – Track by Track Carmen erzählt Track by Track von ihrem neuem Album Kill The Small-Town Girl wo ich die Ehre hatte bei dem Song 1.000 Miles einen musikalischen Beitrag leisten zu dürfen. Hier geht’s zum Artikel auf

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TODAY: mebo @ Kulturcafé Salina | 18:30

Hi people, I am pleased to be able to create the musical framework for the Festival of Life of the Bürgergenossenschaft Oberes Vinschgau with the mebo. Where: Kulturcafé Salina, Laubengasse 11, 39020 GlorenzaWhen: from 18:30 Click here to get the

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Song played for Dom

Song played for Dom I composed this song many years ago for a former love and played it often. This time, too, it was exactly the right song in the right place for the right person. My wife Irene and

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TODAY: mebo @ flea market | 11:00

Hi people, heute spiele ich mit den mebo im Rahmen des Flohmarktes in Neumarkt. Kommet, stöbert und höret 😊 oggi suono con i mebo nell’ambito del mercatino delle pulci a Egna. Venite a curiosare e ascoltare 😊 Where: Hauptplatz, EgnaWhen: 11:00 Click

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Interview Luis Seiwald @ Radio Freier Fall

Hallo Leute, am Donnerstag, 10. November 2022 hatte Reinhold Giovanett im Rahmen der Sendung „Radio Freier Fall“ den Künstler Luis Seiwald zum Thema „Kunst und Musik“ interviewt. Luis erzählt unter Anderem auch wie er dazu gekommen ist zu Musik zu

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TODAY: Kolzano @ Sudwerk | 21:00

Hi people, today Kolzano continues the small concert series with a performance at Sudwerk. Where: Sudwerk/Batzenhäusl, BolzanoWhen: 21:00 Click here to get the position on Google Maps

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TODAY: Kolzano @ Stanglerhof | 21:00

Hi people, today Kolzano starts the small concert series with the first gig at the now very well-known @Stanglerhof Where: Stanglerhof, St. Konstantin (Fié)When: 21:00 Important: If you would like to enjoy Heiner and Klara’s delicacies beforehand, please make a

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TODAY: mebo @ Sudwerk | 21:00

Hi people, I have the pleasure of playing with the group mebo in the famous Sudwerk 😊.Come, have a beer and enjoy a fine sound! Where: Ca‘ de Bezzi / Batzenhäusl/Sudwerk, BZWhen: 21:00 Click here to get the Google Maps

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mebo – The teaser

  1. Teaser mebo various 4:04


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