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Here you can find a lot of information about me and my activities.

  • ... with the "Isarschixn"
  • Drumming with the "Van der Glander" Band
  • Recording "Loss di gian" with "Mariachi Punch"
  • With the Isarschixn at Sudwerk, Batzenhäusl, Bolzano
  • Cover art from Luis Seiwald for my composition "Raumboden"
  • Grooving with Ander and Laslo
  • Y-Solo, my first solo album
  • Relaxing with best friends!
  • Gianni and Rolando on guitars. i play percussions
  • Is not so dangerous ;-)
  • Playing in the Gianni Ghirardini Trio
  • Playing with Mario Frezzato
  • Groovy gig with "Mariachi Punch"
  • Jürgen, me and Georg working on "Eseleptitun"
  • Typical Robyn Loop session
  • A old project... Tandem15
  • Summer Loops
  • Sold out due to disbandment. Only 5,00 Euro!
  • Playing with Sottosuono
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Cover for the video production from Elmar Albertini

Daydreams by Elmar Albertini with music from Manny Pardeller & Thomas Pichler

Elmar Albertini (Audiowerkstatt) used exclusive my music for his newest video production “Daydreams” where the nature is the leading actor. Enjoy and relax!


all informations about me and my actions

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