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1.000 real individuals are interested on my artistic activities! Gefällt mir:Gefällt Lädt…

bandfoto zero plus

Zero+ _ a vintage electronic band from the far year 1997

Zero+ was a short living band with Rossella Simonazzi on the voice, Maurizio Quartana on guitar, Iose Russo on percussions and me on the keyboards and electronics. Clearing a tray i found this records. Enjoy the listening! (sorry for the mediocre quality) Gefällt mir:Gefällt Lädt…


1995 – Urbania

In the far year 1995 I produced this pure sample based track with my first sampler EMU ESI-32. All you can hear in this composition are ambient noises and sounds recorded in a country house at Urbania, near Urbino. Clearing a tray i found this registration and I was very surpised of the quality! Foto … 1995 – Urbania weiterlesen



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